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Lauren Marks Photography


We recently teamed up with the amazingly talented Lauren Marks, of Lauren Marks Photography for some fresh photos of our work.

As Creative Director of a small...very small business, I wear a lot of hats. I'm a designer, a marketer (social and traditional), accountant, and secretary. One thing I am not is a photographer (though I apparently enjoy trying over and over again and failing...over and over again). 

When this business first launched, our photos held us back. I would always sit back and wonder why no one could see the beauty in the work. I thought it just did not translate well over photos. I thought maybe the metallic, moody envelopes just did not photograph well or certain florals were just doomed to look "meh." Well, it turns out it does translate, I'm just really, really bad at product photography. Luckily, there are amazing photographers out there (from the same networks as these styled shoots) who are so kind to donate their time and services to help us out over here!

While here work is now scattered all over this website, I just wanted to highlight my favorite of the bunch. I sent her my flagship custom suite (also known as the reason I started this business and my own personal wedding invitation from my husband and my wedding.)

After designing the original save the date, I couldn’t shake the excitement. I immediately got to work on the invitation. This one was harder. It didn’t come to me right off the bat. I lamented over this for a few days, then one day, it just clicked. I saw the idea in my head and couldn’t stop until they were finished. To this day (though there are always things I’d change) this invitation suite will always hold the most special place in Hungry Heart, Ink's heart and core.

As a small business owner, designer, and someone that’s been through it already, you have no idea how much I love being able to share that experience with so many brides-to-be. I want the excitement of design to be contagious. And Lauren Mark's photos share that same excitement. 

She's fabulous, everyone! Check out her work for our tropical suite, below!




Tara Buck