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The details


What do we do?

I once heard a phrase that went a little something like this, “the only difference between an empty room and a party is an invitation.” Let’s make that party happen—your way.

I’d like to think at Hungry Heart Ink, I make invitations for the non-template bride. My invitations are for the couples that have looked everywhere and just haven’t found something that was them. That’s where I come in. I’m here to figure out what that special sauce is that makes your invites you. I make offbeat invites for the offbeat couple, but also on-beat invitations for the on-beat bride, ya feel me? I make modern invites for the modern bride, and so on. I make invitations for you and what fuels you and makes you and your love (and your party) unique.

Hungry Heart Ink specializes in: invitation suites; escort/seating cards and signs; program signs or cards; save-the-dates; table numbers, menus; thank you cards; hashtag and drink signs; brochures; vinyl decals and a number of other paper goods.

Below is a list of extras that can be added to your invitation package for an additional cost. Email to talk about any of these extras. I’ll need to know the quantity and the complexity of the design to give you an accurate estimate.

Envelope liners, foil, letterpress, belly-bands, pocket folds, gate cards, invitation backing, vellum, wax seals, paper seal, tags with string, ribbon or twine, but don’t let this small list hold you back—if there’s something you had in mind that you think we can do, let’s hear it. If there’s something you think I can’t do…well, now I’m even more curious. Let’s make it happen!

Day-of details:
Menus (the default size is 4” x 9”, if you had something else in mind, just let me know), welcome letters, programs (flat, folded or large sign), place/escort cards, seating charts or other large signs (24” x 36”), small signs (8” x 10”), hang tags, favor decor, vinyl printing.

Don’t see your idea here? Just ask. I love doing custom, never-been-done-before jobs. With a little more detail, and some design magic, we can work together to create a custom quote and bring your idea to life. Your fun idea is just an email away, click the button below to reach out.

Photo by Rosemary and Pine Photography

Photo by Rosemary and Pine Photography

Below are some additional questions that come up quite often, if you have any more questions do not hesitate to email

How much will my invitation suite cost?
I totally get it. Surprises are no fun unless they're parties, and even then, sometimes they aren’t even that great. It is very difficult to give you your exact price based on all of the different customization options available, quantities needed and so many other personal-to-your-invitations factors, but I can try to give you a ballpark. Below is the standard five-piece suite. It is also available in a four-piece (minus the detail card). This is the bare-bones package. It includes your standard invitation and matching envelopes with recipient addressing and return addressing, a detail/ceremony/accommodation card (or not), and an RSVP card with a matching envelope, also with return addressing. 

5-Piece: $1,250* for 100-115 qt. | 4-Piece: $1,150*

*price does not include tax or shipping.

*price does not include tax or shipping.

With that being said, the average Hungry Heart Ink bride spends about $1,650 on invitations, after add-ons and other fun upgrades. Check out some past Hungry Heart Ink weddings here.

When should I start to think about invitations?
As soon as you’re ready! There is no time too soon. I’ve worked with brides a full year before their wedding to get everything done in advance and I’ve worked with brides on a tight timeline (I was that bride, too!) The entire design and printing process can take anywhere between 8-16 weeks. Since you want to send your invitations out about six to eight weeks before the event, I highly recommend you start your custom process at least five or six months in advance from the day you want to have them in the mail.

Do you do rush orders?
Yes! Just let me know the minute you know what you need and when you need it. Anything sooner than eight weeks out from the day you want your invite in the mail is considered a rush job and can be done for an additional $200.

Do you assemble my suite?
Yes and no. I’m not going to leave you hanging with 200 liners to cut and glue or 150 invitations to adhere to a pocket fold, but by default, I do not stuff and stamp the envelopes for you. For an additional fee I can go out, grab some pretty stamps and stick ‘em to your RSVPs and main envelope so that all you have to do when you get your invites in the mail is rip the box open with excitement and take those bad boys right to the post office. Hungry Heart Ink does not mail out suites at this time, but I can definitely tackle stamps and postage to take on more thing off your plate (because party planning is one big, overwhelming plate!).


Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk about the process.



Get in touch. Everyone’s project is wildly different. I have yet to meet a bride, or any client, that had the same vision as another bride. We’ll start with the numbers, everyone’s least favorite part—that way it only gets more exciting from there. Once we hammer out pricing, the fun begins. Tell me anything that inspires you: the florals, the colors, your pets, your hobbies, something you saw once on a TV show that you vaguely remember but love it, or even just a feeling that inspires you and we’ll talk it out and find out what you love. Let’s talk about your goals for the project, your vision, and your plans. This is when you’ll tell me your story. Hungry Heart Ink requires a non-refundable 50% deposit to get started. This initial deposit goes towards your final bill.


I get to work. Once the deposit is in and we know what you want, we will start to compare ideas. It’s important to make sure we’re on the same page. At this time, I require the wording for all pieces. If you’re a little stuck on wording, I can help, but I can’t do it for you without as much detail as possible. After the wording is in, we get to designing. Please allow up to five weeks for the initial proof. From here, we will work together to refine the proof until you are absolutely in love. Please keep in mind, the more time that is spent in the design process and between approvals and the final approval, the more time your project will take.



The final proofs. Take your time with the final proofs. Go over every word to make sure every detail is correct (like times, venues, that sort of stuff) then make sure everything is spelled correctly. Once you sign off on the final proofs, we can begin the printing process. Helpful tip: when proofreading, don’t read left to right, your brain has this funny habit of assuming words are spelled correctly when reading them down the line in a sentence. Read right to left so that you aren’t reading sentences, you’re just reading words. Also, try calling in a friend or two (or anyone who has not yet read or seen the invitations) to get a fresh set of eyes on the words. It is very important to proofread before the final approval. After it is approved and sent to print, Hungry Heart Ink is not responsible for any typographic or design errors found post-approval.

Last, (but not least)

Print time! After the final proof is signed-off and approved, your remaining balance for the job is due. Then comes the most exciting part (and the hardest part for impatient people like ourselves): print time! Once I have your final prints in our hands, I give them a full inspection to make sure everything is up to snuff before sending them your way. Please allow two to four weeks for printing (letterpress and foil landing on the longer side, digital on the shorter), and an additional week or so for shipping. I will keep you updated every step of the way!


If you are as excited to get started as I am, reach out below. Tell me everything about your big day. There’s no project too big or too small.