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HealthTea Book Crate unboxing/design


Hungry Heart Ink was recently was given the opportunity to design a logo and help brand this amazing new subscription box service and I want to walk you all through this amazing process and unbox the first, final product with you (it’s seriously AMAZING!) There is so much love in this project and it really, really shows. This was probably one of the best unboxings I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing.

Let’s get started with the “who?” This little project was started by one of my oldest friends @healthtea. She originally reached out for a new logo for her personal photo blog where she makes amazing food and is like, literally the most aesthetically pleasing person on this planet. I urge you to follow her to get the most amazing food and home inspo in your feed. So we made this little logo for her blog and it fits her style so perfectly. We both fell in love with the logo and couldn’t wait to show it off. We also created a version of this logo that would be a little more simple and better suited for social media and for conversion to black and white (shirts, stamps, that kind of stuff)!


We were both so in love with how they turned out! Not long after, she reached out to me again and told me all about this amazing idea she had. It was a bi-monthly subscription (every two months) for something called “HeathTea Book Crate.” Inside the box was going to be a different book each time and a slew of amazing self-care/self-love items. It’s pretty much the perfect “treat yo-self” box for book lovers! It sounded so incredible, so we got to work. As the idea fleshed out and turned more and more into a reality, so did the design. The logo was a variation/play on the original HeathTea logo!


From here, she made the most beeeeeautiful wood-handle stamps with this logo and went to town. I won’t go on about branding anymore (you’ll see it in the box, anyway), I’m sure you want to get to the contents of the box! Let’s just start with the box itself.


I almost did not want to open it because of how beautiful the outside was decorated. Each box is hand-stamped with the recipient’s name and some other cute little accents, hand wrapped and sealed. There is typewriter-written letter for each recipient, too! I can’t vouch for what everyone else’s handwritten note said, but mine was the sweetest little thank you for helping her on this journey to bring this box to life! Just on the outside packaging alone there was so much dedication and love put into the subscription.

I mean seriously, how cute is this? Everything was hand stamped!

Just opening the box and seeing that little sticker had me excited. I know this may sound corny, but it’ll never get old to see your work come to life. Seeing this logo being used in such an aesthetically pleasing way was such a delight. My girl knows her branding and styling!

But really, onto the contents of this box! The first thing I saw when opening the crate (aside from these delightful little loo surprises) was the welcome card (also a delight to work on) and hand-packaged lavender seeds. Much like everything else so far, this package was handmade and hand-stamped with love. Seriously, I don’t know how someone wouldn’t be head over heels with how much work and passion has gone into this box already, and we have barely even gotten our grubby hands on the inside!


Here is everything laid out! This month included the novel Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. For it to make the debut box, it has to be pretty amazing, I can’t wait to read it! We already saw the lavender and little greeting card (which, if you were wondering, explains the contents of the box!) The next thing in this debut crate were adorable little tea boxes from TeaPigs! I’ve tried a few of their blends in the past, but somehow never tried their green tea with mint! There’s a total of four tea bags to try out with this flavor, which is pretty awesome! If you’re looking at the picture below, the little jar leaning against the tea is an adorable little jar of brown sugar! This little sugar is here to coincide with the book, but also just to sweeten up your day a little more (as if the box hasn’t already done that!). Also included in this box is a smudge stick (far right) and the most adorable HeathTea Book Crate matchbox this world has ever seen.


Last, but certainly not least, is the limited edition, hand-poured candle from Cottage Wicks! This candle smells absolutely amazing. I’m terrible at describing notes and smells, so I’ll just go with delicious. (For reference, the info card says “earthy blend of amber, an enchanting fusion of herbs and lavender, woodsy base notes of spruce, pine and musk”) This candle also is topped with sage, lavender, rose petals, amethyst and rose quartz crystals! It’s a work of art!


What did I say earlier about never losing that happy feeling of seeing your logo on things? Yeah, it’s that again. Also, how beautiful is that candle?

So that’s the debut box! It really is such an amazing investment. The amount of detail that goes into bringing all of this together is incredible. I have never seen such a beautiful subscription box service. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever received such a beautifully put together package before in my life. And you’re telling me this could happen every other month? It’s amazing.

I’ll stop gushing, you all should really check it out for yourselves. I'll leave you with one last detail. Each book is stamped with the HeathTea Book Crate logo, my heart melts <3



***This box was sent to me as a thank you for working with the creator, but every single view here is my own. I’ve never been so amazed by an unboxing (and I’ve done quite a few subscription boxes in my life). If you are interested in signing up or buying this for a gift, Angela, the creator, was kind enough to give us our own discount code here at Hungry Heart, Ink. When you check out, use the code HUNGRYHEARTS at checkout for $10 off your next purchase!

Xo, Tara

Tara Buck